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The Youthful Parricide Offender

Does Child Abuse Drive

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 Which Parent Is Murdered?

Parricide: Which Parent Gets Murdered. This graph shows how often a mom, dad, or both parents are killed in a parricide event.

Most kids (ages 8 – 24 years) do not kill their parents because of abuse. In fact, recent studies show only 15% of all parricides involved instances of child abuse (as verified by courts up to and through court proceedings after the murder).  N = 754

Youthful parricide offenders can be any age. Some are as young as 8 years old! However, 1/3 of the offenders are between the ages of 16 and 18 years old. Most offenders are white and male.  The ration of male to female offenders is essentially the same as that of Adult Offenders: 14% of them are female and 86% are male. (N= 1,179)

With youthful offenders, mothers and fathers are murdered at approximately the same rate but moms are slightly more likely to be murdered than dads. Which parent is most likely killed? The parent who is in charge of caring for and disciplining the child. That often boils down to where the child lives.

Data (N = 799) indicate that, in a non-intact family, the child kills the parent with whom the child is living. Motivations can be very different, but if the child lives with Mom, the mom is killed. If a child lives with Dad, the dad is killed. If a child lives with both natal parents, dads are killed more often than mom and both parents are killed at about the same rate as dads. 

Five Fatal Personality Types

1.  AlphaBrat

2.  Anarchist

3.  Erratic

4.  Mission Oriented

5.  Tightly Wound

The types are still being refined but we're happy to share information with you. Please contact us at

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